Earlier this month, my YouTube subscriber counter showed the first thousand subscribers. I agree that this is not much, but on the other hand, I started active recruitment at the beginning of December last year. I did not indulge in black methods and cheating, and therefore there is some joy that although there is a small step in promoting the channel.

I know from venerable pros that after a thousand subscribers to the channel goes much faster and more efficiently, YouTube starts showing more of your video. considers you to be a high-quality channel and, accordingly, the growth of subscribers is much faster.

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first thousand subscribers on YouTube

Perhaps this is so, but it seems to me that the recruitment is going faster because having a thousand subscribers, you in any case guarantee about a hundred views of your video on the first day, and YouTube closely monitors the first views and ranks the video in the search.

In addition, with an honest set of the first thousand, you in any case already have a decent number of videos, and if you offer a subscription to your channel in each video, then the number of subscribers grows automatically.

A common practice when actively working on their channel for most video bloggers is to recruit the first thousand in about 6-10 months, then during the same time you can already gain tens of times more because your videos are already being viewed and your videos are on the first positions in search and related videos.

This is why the first thousand subscribers are important.

In this article, I want to reflect on what I did to recruit YouTube subscribers and what else can be done.

What am I doing now for recruiting YouTube subscribers.
As usual, I will list it with a short description. Perhaps in some points I did not reach the ideal, but for the good of the case I will write.

1. Each video must be optimized for a specific request.

I described in detail how to optimize the video in this article. The better the optimized video, the more views, the more views, the more subscribers.

2. In each video, you need to offer a subscription using active annotation buttons.

People subscribe well through the interactive elements embedded in the video. I described and showed in detail how to make annotations in this issue about making money on YouTube

3. Your channel and your videos must be recognizable.

A person should come to visit you and understand that everything is serious here and you need to subscribe to information from this channel. Therefore, be sure to take care of the appearance of the channel and be sure to make a splash screen for the videos.

4. Make a subscription form for your channel and post it on your blog.

Be sure to need a subscription form on each of your sites. If you do not have a website or blog, then create one and post your video announcements with a short description on it. Here’s my post on useful video blog extensions, it’s all there.

5. Offer channel subscriptions wherever possible.

If you have accounts in social. networks, then the task is simplified, just add your videos with a small description and an offer to subscribe. If not, then create accounts and promote them. How to recruit subscribers via social media networks I wrote in this article. The method is also suitable for recruiting YouTube subscribers.

6. Paid ways to recruit subscribers.

You can use special exchanges with payment for the completed task of the Seosprint type. It so happened that I promoted several of my video clips and gave an assignment for a ruble to watch the video to the end, like and subscribe to the channel. I spent about 100 rubles on this business.
Got 100 dead subscribers, they can be ignored because anyway, they won’t watch you anymore.

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BUT, on the other hand, I brought several videos to the TOP for popular requests, and now they automatically bring me real and active subscribers through a link in the description and active annotations. So the method is quite working and not expensive.

Read more about how I promoted the video and with real examples in this article and video.

7. Use mutual PR with other authors.

I propose to all my subscribers to promote each other. It works well. It’s great if you can negotiate or buy PR from a venerable author. The more authority the author has, the more weight he will give to your video. Even a simple comment gives a positive score.

Here are probably the main seven rules that I used to dial the first thousand. Of course, I did some other little things, but it’s impossible to remember everything, and if I don’t remember, then they did not bring me additional subscribers.

What am I planning to do in order to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube.
what to do to recruit subscribers

Life goes on and needs to develop, in the next block I will write, more for myself, what steps you need to take to increase the number of subscribers to my channel.

In general, I recommend to everyone: when watching other people’s popular channels, pay attention to how the material is presented and what tricks you can use on your channel to attract subscribers.

For example, you subscribed to a channel, immediately followed

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